INMUTE is the annual festival of Holotype Editions. INMUTE opens up shared spaces between cinema and the sonic arts. Since 2013, with the support of Onassis Cultural Centre and the French Institute of Greece, INMUTE has commissioned works by Philip Jeck, Jacob Kirkegaard, Lawrence English, Mike Cooper, Kassel JaegerMaya Dunietz, Nikos Veliotis, Voltnoi & Quetempo, Balinese Beast and hosted shows by KTL, Grouper with Paul Clipson, Thomas Köner, People Like Us, Greg Pope and more.

INMUTE ’18    

7  November / French Institute of Greece

Xavier Charles
Sofia Labropoulou
Yannis Kotsonis
Michalis Moschoutis

films by
C. Becks, G. Cailleau, ERIKM, O. Fouchard, D. Lange,
E. Lefrant, Y. Mahé, R. Maze & B. Miller, J. Perconte, B. Slasak

INMUTE ’17    ////    23 – 25  November 

23 / 11   French Institute of Greece   (Auditorium Theo Angelopoulos)
Kassel Jaeger presents Yamayaki [Terre Brûlée] 2017
Constantine Live AV w/ Embassy For The Displaced
24 / 11   KET  –  TV Control Center
Greg Pope presents SCARFACE (2017)
Yorgos Dimitriadis drums & mics w/ Erato Tzavara visuals
25 / 11   Aavora  Cinema
Antonio Bertoni plays Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)
Elektronik Meditation w/ Arthur Bull (guitar) and Stephanos Chytiris (drums)
Shows start at 21:00
Entrance: 5 euros

Yamayaki (Terre Brûlée) – Eleonore Huisse (2017)

December 31st, Japan, in the countryside, near Mount Fuji. I was looking for a place to shoot the sun setting and falling below the surrounding mountains when I got catched by the sight of some smoke in a field. An old man was burning junk. I set up my camera and shot the fire. Suddenly, a terracotta buddha appeared from the ashes.
There’s a tradition in Japan, called Otakiage consisting in burning lucky charms and talisman to evict evil spirits and start a fresh new year. The old man’s fire wasn’t such a ceremony but a statue of a buddha forgotten in a cardboard box, gave a purifying dimension. Once the fire was extinguished, the old man gave me the buddha. Night has come, I missed the last sunset of the year. (EH)

Kassel Jaeger will present his new audiovisual project commissioned especially for the 4th edition of INMUTE Festival. For this new work, he collaborated with the French filmmaker Eleonore Huisse. Kassel Jaeger is the alias of François Bonnet (the artistic director of the prestigious institute INA-GRM and the curator of the Recollection GRM series on Editions Mego label). Kassel Jaeger’s works are a complex balance between concrète experimentalism, ambient noise, and electroacoustic improv. He has released albums on various labels including Editions Mego, Senufo Editions, Shelter Press, Black Truffle and has collaborated with the likes of Jim O’Rourke, Oren Ambarchi, James Rushford and Giuseppe Ielasi among others.

Constantine Live AV w/  Embassy For The Displaced (EFTD)

According to some accounts, the name ‘Europeʼ stands for ‘where the sun setsʼ. The origin of the word may be deriving from the Akkad ‘erebu’, which translates as ‘to go down, set’, ‘erebʼ the Phoenician word for ‘eveningʼ, or the primordial Greek deity of Erebus – Έρεβος, ‘deep darkness, shadow’ – a liminal place of darkness between earth and Hades. Such an etymological turn is particularly interesting to consider within the context of contemporary migration, as it invites us to position ourselves east of the continent, on the shores of Asia Minor and the Levant, now dotted with overcrowded internment camps, and look westward, towards the sunset, and across the same sea that today acts as a deterrent for so many. Over the past decade, the maritime space between Europe, Asia and Africa has become one of liminality, diaspora, and displacement. The strategic positioning of spaces for the documentation, interception and holding of migrants and refugees around the Mediterranean basin in Northern Africa and the Middle East, and the subsequent search for more remote and ever-deadlier routes on the part of those who attempt to cross it, hint towards an understanding of European migration management policies as a carefully architectured necropolitical project, if not a blatant affirmation of a recent and still resonant colonial past. The Mediterranean sea, with its territorial waters, contiguous and contested economic zones, patrol areas and shorelines, that historically ‘signal a world of mobilities, betweenness, instabilities, encounters and becomingsʼ has been increasingly militarised by European authorities, and as such it has been rendered into a buffer zone, a ‘moat’ to the European ‘citadelʼ. It has been made to absorb, to deter, and to kill. A post-colonial abyss, a Black Mediterranean.
Stefanos Levidis (Embassy For The Displaced)

His work goes beyond the boundaries of conventional music and could be described as a mass of overloaded and piercing sound made of guitars, amplifiers, orchestral instruments, prepared piano,old tube radios and field recordings. Music influenced by metal, classical minimalism and drone. He has participated in a variety of projects in collaboration with recognized artists, choreographers and curators. In addition, he is one of two creators of the “Ekkert” project in collaboration with renowned pianist Christos Sakellaridis. The project’s first album was published by Bastakiya Tapes. His work has presented in prestigious venues and outlets such as Sophiensaele, Dansehallerne, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Iannis Xenakis Center, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Alserkal Avenue, Beton7 Gallery as well as Fact Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Secret Thirteen, Holland’s National Radio, NTS Radio, The National (UAE) etc. Most recently he collaborated with design-based collective ‘Embassy For The Displaced’ for an AV project/performance that debuted at FASMA Festival, Athens. His critically acclaimed debut album ‘HADES’ on Bedouin Records is an absorbing and ambitious masterpiece that revealed a unique skill for visceral and dense composition while showcasing a distinctive sonic signature that sounded like nothing else.

EFTD (Embassy for the Displaced) is a faux- institution established between London, Athens, and the Aegean archipelago in late 2015. The collective operates as an espace autre, a lateral space within and against the borders of Citadel Europe, articulating its work through theory, spacial practice and applied activism. The collective’s investigations towards a politically affective,clandestine aesthetics have been implemented on the field, and exhibited in a number of occasions in the UK, Greece, Germany, Poland and Russia over the past year.
More info abot EFTD:

Greg Pope presents SCARFACE

A sonic and visual projection performance combining the destructive treatment of analogue film with a death cult magic lantern show. This performance emphasizes how the seemingly opposed forces of creation and destruction can be fused into a single action. The cathartic and liberating process of the event creates new forms, sounds and movement in real time. The live-ness is an essential aspect, this action can never be the same twice. The audience understands and absorbs the excitement – like watching a controlled demolition of a building which changes your perception of a space and an object you assumed you understood completely.

The sonic projections are provided through the manipulation of contact mics and guitar pick-ups attached to the various apparatus used in the performance. This performance is built from two main elements; firstly, two slide projectors fitted with additional shutters, allowing proto-cinematic ‘apparent movement’ on the screen. The images are superimposed and the shutters create movement. The speed of the shutters, and of the slide sequence, are manipulated and adjusted as the performance unfolds. Influence is drawn from the Lanterna Magica performances of the 19th century.
The second element (superimposed with the slide images) consists of a loop of 16mm emulsion film, darkly illuminated moving water is glimpsed; it is slowly abraded with an array of hand tools, followed by the use of a hobby grinder. Starting with star-like piercings which appear in random fashion, more linear scratchings are created, lines criss-cross the screen in ever increasing density, creating an unstable, mutable graphic architecture. The piece ends with an all-out attempt to eradicate any emulsion from the loops. Intermittently breaking through this erasure are the slide images : skulls and faces in negative and positive appearing through the ripped textured scratched and torn celluloid base of the 16mm film.

Greg Pope:
After dabbling in punk rock bands and absurdist performance, Greg Pope founded film
collective ‘Situation Cinema’ (Brighton 1986) and ‘Loophole Cinema’ (London, 1989).
Working collaboratively and individually, Pope has made video installations, live art and single screen film works since 1996. These works include live cinema performance pieces ‘Light
Trap’ and ‘Cipher Screen’ as well as 35mm film productions and slide projection performances. His many collaborations include working with sound artists Lee Paterson, John Hegre, Lasse Marhaug and Okkyung Lee and bands including Sult and Ich Bin N!ntendo.
Pope has performed at festivals and events in Europe, North and South America and Australia.

Yorgos Dimitriadis drums & mics w/ Erato Tzavara visuals

Yorgos Dimitriadis is a Berlin based drummer active in the realms of improvised music and contemporary jazz.
After having studied drums at the New Conservatory Thessaloniki, Greece, Dimitriadis moved to Boston, U.S.A. to study with Alan Dawson and Bob Moses. After returning to Europe, in 1994 he was offered a two-year residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris from the Greek
Ministry of Culture. For the next twelve years Dimitriadis was an active member of the Paris jazz and improvised music scene, playing locally as well as participating in festivals world wide.
Since 2006 he works and lives in Berlin, connecting with the international improvisers scene and participating in different groups and projects: from solo performances to appearances with the 25 piece orchestra BerIO. Dimitriadis is a founding member of among others: GRIX, GLUE and FABRIC trios.
He has played with: Sirone, Achim Kaufmann, Tobias Delius, Clayton Thomas, Axel Dörner, Ignaz Schick, Andrea Parkins, Paul Dunmall, Tristan Honsinger, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Marco Eneidi, Alexander Frangenheim, Matthias Bauer, Jan Roder, Edoardo Maraffa, Julie Sassoon, Lothar Ohlmeyer, Harri Sjöström, Nils Ostendorf, Antonio Borghini, BerIO (Berlin Improvisers Orchestra), Marc Turner, Michel Hadjigeorgiou, Nedim Nalbantoglou, Minino Garay, Mano Solo.

Erato Tzavara is a video artist specialized in digital scenography and moving image techniques for live performance. She collaborates with choreographers, musicians and media artists, researching the plasticity of digital image in space and the crossover of discipline boundaries. She is currently living and working between Athens, Berlin and London.

Antonio Bertoni plays Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)

The three-dayer will end with Benjamin Christensen’s cult film “Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages”. Directed in 1922, “Haxän” instantly attracted the attention of the surrealists and, later, of many artists interested in the occult. Antonio Bertoni (Milan) will accompany the screening with double bass, guembri (instrument connected with Gnawa music and possession rites) and electronic processing.

Based on a German manual for inquisitors from the 15th century, the movie presents a series of macabre medieval images comprised of devil worshippers, torturers, grave robbers, the possessed, and Satan himself, portrayed by the director. A mix between mockumentary and horror movie, not without black humour, the movie follows the history of witchcraft and explores the scientific hypothesis that the witches of medieval times suffered of the same kind of hysteria as the psychiatric patients of contemporary times. It alternates sequences of documentary slant — the diabolic iconography, the different types of sorcery, the relationship between witchcraft and hysteria — with episodes based mainly on dramatic action.

Antonio Bertoni, the project’s creator, will perform live with a mixture of composition, improvisation, electronic layering, and ethnic music, covering, together with the movie’s imagery, centuries of obscure sonorities.


Elektronik Meditation w/ Arthur Bull (guitar) and Stephanos Chytiris (drums)

The local duo Elektronik Meditation will join forces for a one-off set, with Canadian impoviser Arthur Bull and the versatile drumer Stephanos Chytiris. In situ live painting combined with the diverse approaches to live music by three great musicians.


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