[herewith]  –  Danae Stefanou

1. prefaced “to whom it may concern”, (03:19)
2. he said (01:32)
3. a folded post-it wedged (03:42)
4. between the window and the wall: (08:06)
5. we are the pronouns that you leave (03:24)
6. unspecified (03:54)
7. the limits of imagined music measured (01:40)
8. by densities of foreground noise (06:02)

Greece: €15.00

Europe:  €17.00

World:  €19.50

[herewith] is Danae Stefanou’s first full-length solo piano release. The album centers around the tactile exploration of the piano interior as a sonorous surface, and as a resonant chamber. The resultant eight tracks, at times sharp and abrasive, at others densely immersive, aim to convey a physical sense of listening to the piano “from the inside”, rather than upkeeping the convention of appreciating the performance “from a distance”.

The tracks were recorded as one-take improvisations over two afternoons, with no predefined structure or compositional plan, and no overdubs or any other studio processing, other than mixing and mastering. A secondary, silent narrative runs across the album, in the form of selected verses originally published by Stefanou on unsaidnow.tumblr.com, and inserted as verbal commentary between the tracks.

Danae Stefanou is an improviser and musicologist from Athens, Greece. She is a member of the Athens-based duo Acte Vide, and an assistant professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Poem / track titles reproduced and adapted from [herewith] (2012-13), a collection of sonorous thoughts by Kill Your Metonymies (Danae Stefanou). Collection originally published online at unsaidnow.tumblr.com and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Piano – Danae Stefanou
Recorded at Y2 Studio, Athens, January – February 2014
Produced by Michalis Moschoutis
Mastered by Nikos Lavdas at Kiwi
Vinyl cut by CGB at D&M
Design by We Are Still Bold & Beautiful

Released on the 27th of October 2014
Catalogue number: HOLO1